Möt oss på Conexpo

We're looking forward to seeing everyone at CONEXPO 2023!

Booth no.: F-8852

Hydrema RV 2023 CONEXPO

We're bringing our latest and greatest to our booth, and among other things you'll be able to see the following products:

Hydrema DT6 Electric

Hydrema's first all-electric dump truck, also marks our first foray into the electric vehicle segment. The DT6 Electric sports a completely new design, developed from the ground up.

Hydrema 912HM

The 912-series is built to last, with a tireless focus on durability. As with any Hydrema dump truck, the 912HM is easy to operate, has low maintenance costs and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

The Hydrema 912HM (High Mobility), is similar to the 912GS, but comes equipped with higher and wider tires of up to 800mm (roughly 31.5"), providing amazing ground clearance and a one-of-a-kind low ground pressure. Fully loaded, the dump truck has a measly ground pressure of just 85kPa.

All-in-all this gives the 912HM exceptional off-road performance, and makes it perfect for soft and muddy terrains or sensitive surfaces, such as a fragile fairway in a country club.

Hydrema 912GS

Just like the 912HM, the Hydrema 912GS is built to last and endure even the toughest of environments.

Hydrema 912GS (G-series Suspended) comes equipped with a powerful suspension system on the front axle. The system features an electrohydraulic spring system which has independent suspension cylinders and an excellent level control system that aligns the machine in the optimal position. 

As a driver, you'll experience you're less affected by vibrations during extended working hours. You'll also notice how you are considerably more effective - especially on long transport stages or in rougher terrain.

Hydrema 922HM

The Hydrema 922G-series are characterized by being super agile dump trucks with amazing traction. The 922HM-series offer record-breaking low ground pressure and a plethora of features to assist the driver. It is, bar none, our most complete series of dump trucks to date. the 922-series excels in earthmoving on soft and muddy terrain.

The 922-series offer many unique options and features, and to mention a few (make sure to meet up and talk to our sales team about them all!):

  • MultiChassis
    • Available in a long and short wheelbase version. These trucks provide a universal plaform to which customized solutions can be added. Solutions like; water tanks, forestry equipment, hooklift or even a flatbed body.
  • Easy Service Access
    • With a massive hood, you'll quickly appreciate its electronic opening system, which is operated from the drivers cab. The large hood allows full and safe access to all service points. True excellence!
  • Short Tipping Cycles
    • We've made the tipping process super fast, agile and effective. There's two powerful tipping cylinders underneath the body, which are well-protected and have a short stroke length, which allows the body to body to be raised quickly, for faster unloading.

Hydrema 707 Power+

The Hydrema 707 Power+ is a true little powerhouse, offering the best in visibility, comfort and safety. All in an ultra compact form factor. Naturally it is equipped with a Cummins F3.8 Stage Five engine, and has 122 bhp.
The 707-series is equipped with MultiTip as standard.

Hydrema MX17G

The Hydrema MX17G is our ultra-drable and flexible wheeled excavator. It allows you to go anywhere and do your job, quickly, efficiently, safely and in comfort.

The MX17G features leading breakout force, engine power and digging performance. The cab features a massive 10" color touch display, which can also be operated from the multicontroller on the armrest.  

It has the biggest cabin in its class, the visibility is absolutely amazing and can even be further enhanced with 360-degree cameras. Furthermore, the sound pressure in the cabin is just 68db(a). To make access easy there's also a built-in ladder with can fully retract. 

The MX17G can be delivered in custom colorschemes and with a wide variety of undercarriages. It is superbly suited for heavy tasks in compact areas. 

On the options side, things like automatic lubrication systems, towing hitch and tiltrotators make the MX-series true masters of their class.

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